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Blackdahlia has made the following reviews:

Star Trek: The Next Generation #034: A Matter of Honor Reviewed on 21 Sep 2007 03:12:10  
Although this is my second favorite episode, preceded only by "The Inner Light", I could have done without Mendon. He was irritating me as much as he was irritating Worf. The beauty in this episode lies in Riker's experiences aboard the Pagh. From the eating experiences to the interactions he has with the crew, this is a foreign place for viewers and I felt I was experiencing things for the first time. Klag's line of, "You understand us better than we understand ourselves." as a compliment was...

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Star Trek: The Next Generation #102: Darmok Reviewed on 21 Sep 2007 03:01:08  
My third favorite episode preceded only by "A Matter of Honor" and "The Inner Light". This is true Star Trek as it was designed (I feel). It is meeting a new race and learning how to communicate with it. The use of metaphors was a superbly clever platform and I have a huge amount of pride when Picard rushes to the deck, wounded, and delivers the meaningful lines that were formerly characterized as incomprehensible. Picard's use of the alien religious gesture at the end of the episode was...

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Star Trek: The Next Generation #159: Dark Page Reviewed on 21 Sep 2007 02:49:07  
A very touching episode which shows the dichotomy that exists in Lwaxana. Rather than her laissez-faire and ebullient manner, we're shown a deep hurt of a tragic accident. Deanna's dogged determination to find out the source of her mother's illness, even to the point of danger, is admirable. A tear jerker for me every time.

Star Trek: The Next Generation #125: The Inner Light Reviewed on 18 Aug 2007 22:58:29  
My favorite episode of all time. It's more than just the seeking out new life mission. When Picard cradles the flute to his chest at the end, you can feel the loss and desire for his "lost" life on Kataan. Margot Rose is really convincing in her performance as Picard's wife; her death never fails to move me. I think this episode for Picard, was the equivalent of soul bearing for Leonard Nimoy in Amok Time.

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