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Stardate 42859.2
Star Trek: The Next Generation, episode 45 (2.19)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Patrick Stewart   IMDB   Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes   IMDB   Commander William T. Riker
Levar Burton   IMDB   Lieutenant Geordi La Forge
Michael Dorn   IMDB   Lieutenant Worf
Marina Sirtis   IMDB   Lt. Commander Deanna Troi
Brent Spiner   IMDB   Lt. Commander Data
Wil Wheaton   IMDB   Wesley Crusher
Guest Cast:
Diana Muldaur   IMDB   Chief Medical Officer Katherine Pulaski
Colm Meaney   IMDB   Miles Edward O'Brien
Majel Barrett Roddenberry   IMDB   Lwaxana Troi
Robert Costanzo   IMDB   Slade Bender
Carel Struycken   IMDB   Mr. Homn
Rod Arrants   IMDB   Rex
Robert O'Reilly   IMDB   Scarface
Rhonda Aldrich   IMDB   Madeline
Mick Fleetwood   IMDB   Antedian Dignitary
Wren T. Brown   IMDB   Transport Pilot
Dennis McCarthy   IMDB
Rob Bowman   IMDB
Tracy Tormé   IMDB
Laser Disc   ST:TNG LaserDisc Volume 23
The Next Generation Teaser #045: Manhunt

The U.S.S. Enterprise crew receives a surprise visit from Counselor Troi's mother Lwaxana, a Betazoid beauty who makes no secret of her attraction to Captain Picard.
While transporting delegates to a special Federation conference on Pacifica, the U.S.S. Enterprise picks up two representatives from the newly discovered planet of Antede III. Unaccustomed to space flight, the aliens arrive on the ship in a self-induced coma to deal with the trauma of their voyage.

En route to the conference, Picard and the crew are taken aback by the unexpected arrival of Mrs. Troi, who also happens to be on her way to the meeting on Pacifica. Upon finding himself the object of Mrs. Troi's passions, Picard turns to Counselor Troi for advice. She explains that her mother is at "the phase," a mid-life period when a Betazoid woman's sex drive increases tenfold!

Reluctant to reject Mrs. Troi's amorous advances, Picard decides to seek refuge from her in the holodeck. As a result, she redirects her search for a mate to the other men on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Her "manhunt" ends on the Bridge when Mrs. Troi eyes Riker and announces to the crew that the two will soon be wed.

Meanwhile, when Dr. Pulaski reports that the Antedians are regaining consciousness, Riker enters the holodeck to inform Picard of the delegates' condition. He is followed by Lwaxana, who loses interest in both him and Picard after meeting Rex, the charming bartender in a Holodeck-created 1940s bar. To her chagrin, she later finds out that her dream man is only an illusion.

Returning to reality, Picard and Riker discover that the Antedians have fully awakened. They also learn, via Mrs. Troi's telepathic powers, that the Antedians are not delegates, but assassins sent to blow up the conference site using explosives hidden in the lining of their ceremonial robes.

While the Antedians are taken into protective custody, Picard thanks Mrs. Troi for saving the lives of the crew and assuring that the conference will proceed without incident. As Mrs. Troi prepares to beam down to Pacifica, she gives the captain one last playful reproach for his "lustful" thoughts as she dematerializes.
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